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Ask an Astronomer - Live Stream
June 17 - 2:00pm

Join us for another "Ask an Astronomer" YouTube live stream. Our Astronomer Marley Leacock and Program Coordinator Michael Unger will be online to talk about all the latest in space science and hot topics in the news.

For National Indigenous Month we have invited Corey Gray, from the Siksika Nation outside of Calgary, back to talk about his work at LIGO. LIGO is the Observatory at Caltech that made the first gravitational wave discovery back in 2016. Corey is their detector operator and he was right there on the front lines of that discovery!

Because of that experience, he really wanted to do something special in connection to his heritage, so with the help of his Mom, Sharon Yellowfly, they  translated the gravitational waves press release into Blackfoot.

We here at the Space Centre believe it’s important to highlight and amplify Indigenous voices and experiences. We have all heard the news about residential schools and their impact.  We are grateful that Corey will spend some time on the 17th talking about his experiences through the eyes of his mother, who is a residential school survivor.
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Astronomy 101: Black Holes - Live Stream
June 22 - 6:30pm

Black Holes are one of the great mysteries of space. What are they? What are astronomers learning about them? What if we were to fall into one, could we survive? Join us for a family-friendly Zoom webinar and find out! All ages are welcome to join us for this event but the content is more appropriate for children 10 years and older.
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