Venue Rentals

Iconic Spaces

Corporate Events at the Space Centre

No matter which type of corporate function or other private events you are hosting, the Space Centre has a venue for you. With several spaces to choose from, we have you covered for your next meeting, training session, film screening, performance, holiday party or large-scale conference. We also offer dynamic planetarium shows and live science demonstrations as add-on activities to make your event truly memorable.

Weddings at the Space Centre

The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre is a perfect setting for classic and modern wedding receptions and ceremonies. With several spectacular venues to choose from you will be sure to find a space that fits your vision for your big day. 

Sitting in a prime location in the heart of Vanier Park, we showcase picturesque views of the ocean, mountains and downtown Vancouver. We can also offer customized visuals in our unique Planetarium Star Theatre.

Film & TV Production at the Space Centre

The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre has been the backdrop for many commercial, television, and film productions. Our iconic building, unique architecture, and science-themed spaces provide the perfect location for sci-fi, adventure, and local productions.

Space Centre rentals staff will work with you on everything from small shoots to multi week building buyouts.

One-of-A-Kind Event Spaces

With a technology-equipped auditorium, unique planetarium theatre, and both indoor and outdoor spaces with picturesque views, the Space Centre has a spectacular variety of spaces to choose from to host your next private event.

Planetarium Star Theatre

This domed theatre is the only one of its kind in the region and provides a unique backdrop for live performances, receptions, wedding ceremonies, corporate presentations, and more! Big screen projectors display presentations like never before, and theatre seating and visuals make on-stage performances the ultimate live experience.

If you're renting another space in the building, a planetarium show also makes a great add-on activity!

Ideal for: corporate presentations, receptions, live performances, wedding ceremonies

Minimum 4-hour rental required.

Capacity: seating for 230 people
Price: $525/hour


Our spacious auditorium is equipped to host video presentations, film screenings, and seminars for a large group of people. The Auditorium features integrated audio visual capabilities and theatre style seating, and includes use of our lower lobby for guest reception or catering set-up.

Ideal for: corporate presentations, conferences, live performances, lectures, film screenings

Minimum 4 hour rental required.

Capacity: seating for 209 people
Price: $325/hour

Star Deck venue

Star Deck

This modern space offers breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains, making it a picturesque setting for receptions. The Star Deck wraps along the upper floor of the Space Centre and creates the perfect venue for receptions, exhibitors, and more.

Ideal for: cocktail receptions, exhibitor space

Minimum 4 hour rental required.

Capacity: 100-125 people (depending on set up)
Price: $275/hour

Ray Whittick Lounge_H.R. MacMillan Space Center

Ray Whittick Lounge

With views of downtown and Vanier Park, the Ray Whittick Lounge offers a scenic location to host meetings or corporate presentations. The area includes the use of the kitchen area for caterer prep.

Ideal for: meetings, presentations, receptions, training sessions

Minimum 4-hour rental required.

Capacity: 30-60 people (depending on set up)
Price: $200/hour

Outdoor Patio Lounge

Want a completely unique venue for your event that also features a beautiful outdoor space for your guests? The outdoor patio lounge is ideal for summer barbeques, wedding ceremonies, and receptions.

It is also a popular spot for viewing the Celebration of Light fireworks and during cherry blossom season.

The rental requires the use of the Ray Whittick Lounge (for access into the building) and includes its kitchen area for caterer preparation if needed.

Ideal for: wedding ceremonies, receptions, corporate BBQs, fireworks events, sit-down dinners, birthday parties

Minimum 4 hour rental required.

Capacity: 80-100 people (depending on set up)
Price: $475/hour

Cosmic Courtyard Exhibit Space

Host your next reception, corporate event, or holiday party in this unique science-themed space for an event that will be talked about for years to come! The Cosmic Courtyard Exhibit Space provides ample space for parties and events, and also provides access to our interactive exhibits.

From catered receptions, to dance parties, to family events, this space is a favourite among event planners. Plus, add on activities and crafts run by our staff, or live science shows in GroundStation Canada Theatre.

Ideal for: receptions, corporate events, holiday parties

Minimum 4 hour rental required.

Capacity: 125 - 150 people (depending on set up)
Price: $275/hour

GroundStation Canada Theatre venue

Groundstation Canada Theatre

This unique theatre is the perfect place for presentations, product demonstrations, and intimate live performances. Add on a science show led by one of our staff to give your guests a unique and interactive experience they won't soon forget.

Ideal for: presentations, live performances, product demonstrations

Minimum 4 hour rental required.

Capacity: seating for 87 people
Price: $375/hour

Gordon Southam Observatory_H.R. MacMillan Space Center

Gordon Southam Observatory

What better place to host a science-related seminar or workshop than an observatory?

Ideal for: seminars, workshops, stargazing

Capacity: 45 people
Price: $275/hour

Main Lobby

The high ceilings and unique shape of our main lobby offer a pleasant space for receptions and live performances.

Ideal for: live performances, corporate parties, holiday celebrations

Minimum 4-hour rental required.

Capacity: 200 people (depending on set up)
Price: $350/hour

If you have any questions about venue rentals, contact [email protected] or call (604) 738-7827 ext 233.