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Over 40 Years at the Space Centre

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: OVER 40 YEARS AT THE SPACE CENTREIf you’ve ever visited the HR MacMillan Space Centre, then chances are you’ve interacted with some of...

Cutting Edge Discoveries

Sounds in Space

The one thing that people always mention to me as being scary is the sound of a pretty terrifying object: a black hole.

Gravitational Waves

Up until the first confirmed gravitational wave (GW) direct detection by LIGO/Virgo in 2015, researchers have relied almost exclusively on electromagnetic (EM) radiation (i.e. light) to study...

Fundamental Ideas


MAGNETISMHappy New Year! I’m Marley, the astronomer here at the Space Centre. For January and February, our special events will centre on the idea of...

What is the Summer Solstice?

The summer solstice happens in June every year, though the exact calendar day varies. Find out what exactly the summer solstice is, when summer solstice...

Planets & Other Worlds

The Solar Cycle

Our Sun goes through periods of activity on a roughly 11 year cycle from solar minimum to solar minimum (or solar maximum to solar maximum)....

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