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We welcome all members of the community to come together and experience inspiring events that bridge science, arts, and culture. We’ve got incredible events for kids and adults interested in astronomy in Vancouver.


September 21, 6:30pm

Cosmic Nights - Undead Stars

Grab a friend and join us for Cosmic Nights – Undead Stars. Dive into hot topics in astronomy and space exploration in this fun evening of science and socializing.

We‘ll have a custom planetarium show, guest lecturer, drinks, and science demonstrations at this 19+ event.

Earth and Moon

September 27, 6:30pm

The Earth and Our Moon - Webinar

We are used to seeing our Moon most nights, but what would life look like without it? Our closest neighbour may impact life on Earth more than you think.

Join us for a family-friendly Zoom webinar and learn more about the Earth and the Moon’s shared past, and present.

October 20, 9:00am

Pro-D Day with GearBots!

Do you teach grade 4-8? Join us for a STEAM-focused pro-d day with GearBots!

This workshop will be ideal for teachers who want to integrate Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies curriculum into their classroom practice, get familiar with the basics of coding a robotic device, and learn about Canada’s contributions to the Artemis Mission.

August 11, 7:00pm

Return of the Perseids Meteor Shower

The annual Perseid meteor shower returns this August, and will be peaking around August 13th. Ever wonder what a meteor shower is, where meteors come from, or how to see them? Join us for an interactive presentation in the planetarium that will answer those questions, and find out what you need to know to view the Perseid meteor shower.

The observatory will be open after the presentation, however the best place to view the meteor shower will be in dark park locations away from the city lights. You can also browse our Cosmic Courtyard gallery during your visit. *This program will be taking place during our regular Friday evening 7:00pm time slot.*

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