COVID Guidelines

Our priority is the safety of all visitors and staff. We welcome you to visit in a safe and comfortable environment. We hope that you will enjoy being back at the Centre and reconnecting with our programs and activities.

Following government guidelines, new protocols are in place to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable visit.

• Online ticket purchases are strongly encouraged for all visits.

• All visitors must self-assess before visiting the Centre. Please stay home if you are not feeling well or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
• Please arrive 15minutes before your scheduled time to avoid crowding.
• Coats and personal items will remain with the visitor.
• Programs will have limited the capacity and we will use markers and signage to prevent congestion.
• All visitors and staff must maintain a two-metre (6 foot) distance from each other. Markers will indicate appropriate spacing.
• Household groups/social bubbles (maximum of 5 people) need to remain together and children must stay with an adult at all times.
• Hand sanitation stations will be placed at various locations throughout the Centre. We encourage you to clean your hands often.
• Stringent cleaning practices will be in place throughout programs/events.
• All washrooms will be checked and cleaned throughout the day at appropriate intervals.
• Please cough into your arm and away from others.

• Face masks are required for all Space Centre staff and visitors over the age of 12.
• Face masks must be worn within the Space Centre’s areas including the Cosmic Courtyard, GroundStation Canada Theatre, Planetarium Star Theatre, Auditorium, Ray Whittick Lounge and the Gordon Southam Observatory.
• Visitors are encouraged to bring their own masks.
• If visitors do not bring their own masks, disposable masks will be made available for use.
• Visitors not willing, or able to wear a face mask for medical reasons will not be admitted.  We ask that you consider participation in our online programming instead.