Children's Birthday Parties

Let Us Guide Your Party

Your birthday party at the Space Centre includes a birthday
party room (for 1.5 hours), plus:
     • a 30-minute hosted hands-on activity
     • admission to Space Centre programming for the day
    Lunar Landers (ages 8 to 12)
    Design a lander to bring your egg back safely from "space."
    Rover Rangers (ages 6 to 7)
    Build your own cosmic rover and explore space.
All attendees (children and adults) $18.00 per person plus applicable taxes 
All attendees (children and adults) $15.00 per person plus applicable taxes
Note: minimum of 15 people
Invitation Card 1
Invitation Card 2

Launch Your Own Party

Explore the Space Centre and launch your party into orbit that includes: 
• a 2-hour room rental 
• admission to Space Centre programming for the day
All attendees (children and adults) $16.50 per person plus applicable taxes
Note: minimum of 15 people

Please note: A $80.00 maintenance fee (general room preparation, furniture set-up and take-down, and cleaning) applies to all birthday parties in addition to attendee fees.
Please contact or call (604) 738-7827 ext 233 with any questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What time should I arrive and where do I go from there?
Your arrival time is indicated on your confirmation form. Please assemble in the main lobby at the Birthday Party desk.
What happens with late arrivals?
We will try to accommodate late arrivals as best we can. Let the host know if you expect one of your guests to be late and they will advise you accordingly.
Do we receive a guided tour?
The host will greet you and participate in the activities in the Birthday Party room. The rest of the day is open for you to explore the Space Centre on your own.
Is food included in the birthday package?
As we have no on-site food services, food is the responsibility of the parent(s). Also, cutlery and plates will have to be brought in. We have a fridge on-site where you can keep your food during your party.
Can I bring my own room decorations?
The party host will already have your birthday party room decorated for you upon arrival.
What happens if I have to cancel?
Cancellations made with less than one week notice of event are subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee.
What happens if the number of guests changes on the day of the birthday?
You will only pay for the actual number of people who show up (based on the minimum of 15 people). 
Please contact or call (604) 738-7827 ext. 233 with any questions.

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