Located in picturesque Vanier Park, Vancouver, the Space Centre is B.C.'s top space science attraction, inspiring visitors with shows, exhibits and some of Vancouver's most unique special events.


The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, known by many and lovingly referred to as the Planetarium, is one of Vancouver’s iconic institutions. Located in Kitsilano’s Vanier Park, a 15-minute walk from downtown Vancouver, it opened its doors on October 28, 1968 as a gift from lumber magnate and philanthropist H.R. MacMillan to the citizens of Vancouver. With the advent of space exploration during the 1960s, H.R. MacMillan wanted to provide a resource for his day and future generations. When the facility opened, it consisted of the Planetarium Theatre. With the addition of an exhibit gallery and new demonstration theatre in 1997, the Space Centre evolved into a community resource centre providing learning opportunities for everyone. 

Fast forward to the 21st century and we encounter an organization visited by over 122,000 people a year, who are attracted by a myriad of public lectures and events, school and public programs and cultural activities that raise public awareness of science literacy. The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre has become a critical and active partner in community outreach and development.

Mission, Vision, Values

To educate, inspire, and evoke a sense of wonder about the Universe, our planet and space exploration.

An inspired and imaginative community connecting society, culture, and science to facilitate experiences that are... like nothing on earth.

Wow - We are passionate about adventerous, creative and eye-opening experiences
Innovation - We always challenge ourselves to achieve the highest levels of curiosity, learning and performance
Collaboration - We work and make decisions as a team and as such, we honour transparency and show respect for each other and every opinion.
Community - We are all about sharing our love of space with the community, aiming to serve, teach and inspire them


Management Team

Executive Director
Raylene Marchand

Director of Learning
Lisa McIntosh

Director of Finance
Samaneh Badiei

Director of Human Resources & Operations
Lindsay Jang

To contact members of our management team, please contact [email protected] with the name of the individual you wish to reach.

Board of Directors

Matthew Anthony (Past Chair)
Keith Acton (Treasurer)
Dr. Aaron Boley
Jonathan Burke (Chair)
George Hemeon
Derek Lew
Larkin Mackenzie-Ast (Vice-Chair)
Paul Moore
Greg Stanway (Secretary)
Roger Watts