Event photos by Raymond Ng @expressivemotionphotography

This May 4th, the Space Centre was buzzing with more than just stars and planetsโ€”it was alive with the Force! Fans dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters joined us for a spectacular evening filled with music, science, and the spirit of the galaxy far, far away. Here’s a look back at the highlights.

The event kicked off at 6:00 PM, with doors opening to a galaxy not so far away where fans dressed as their favorite characters from the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. The atmosphere was electrifying, with several members of Vancouverโ€™s 501st Legion Outer Rim Garrison mingling with the crowd. The costumes were incredibly detailed, and it was like stepping into a scene straight out of the movies.

One of the evening’s highlights was the musical performance in the planetarium. The renowned Arbutus Duo, featuring the exceptionally talented Thomas Beckman and Kitty Lam, played a new repertoire inspired by iconic pieces from the Star Wars franchise.It was an enchanting mix of art and science, set against a backdrop of stars and galaxies projected on the dome above.


The live science demonstrations in the GroundStation Canada Theatre not only entertained but also educated, sparking curiosity and wonder about the mysteries of our universe.


Throughout the evening, attendees had the opportunity to engage with hands-on activities in our Cosmic Courtyard gallery. It was wonderful to see people of all ages, from young Padawans to wise Jedi Masters, getting hands-on with science.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this unforgettable night. Whether you were a Sith Lord or a Jedi Knight, we hope you left inspired and awed by the wonders of space and the creative spirit that unites us all. Until next year, may the force be with you!

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Photos by: Raymond Ng of @expressivemotionphotograpy

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