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Evening Sky Chart - October 9:30pm


Sea and Sky Astronomy Guide - find out what's happening in the sky
Sea & Sky Calendar Sky Forecast Sun/Moon Tables Satellite Sighting in BC
Resource: For daily (or nightly) updates, visit Heavens Above. Check the location and click the "Submit" button. Proceed to "Sky chart" under the Astronomy section. 

Morning Sky Chart - October 5:30am


Universe In A Night

Saturdays, go beyond the third planet of our Solar System at 7:30pm & 9:00pm. Our interpreters will guide your journey into the stars with a planetarium star theatre feature show and a presentation on the latest astronomy discoveries. You can then visit our observatory and on clear nights view the stars through our telescope. Evening Admission   /  Show Schedule
Evening Planetarium Star Theatre Shows
Saturday 7:30pm
Realm Of Light
With astonishing, never-seen-before full-dome images, Realm Of Light takes us on an amazing journey through space and time, telling the story of life and its evolution from the Big Bang until the modern age of man. Realm Of Light is a poetic and phenomenal adventure underscored with breathtaking music and sound effects - it is a truly unique full-dome experience for the whole family that will amaze and inspire people of all ages through its reflection on the light that lives inside everything that exists. Trailer   
Saturday 9:00pm
Dynamic Earth
Imagine the Earth is a machine; a system of cogs and motors powered by the Sun. But our world didn't come with an owner's manual. How does it operate? What are the inner workings of this grand and elaborate system known as planet Earth? And, why is it so conducive to life? Explore the winds, the oceans, and the forces of nature that shape Earth's great life support system. Learn what makes our world so dynamic . . . and what ruined our sister planet, Venus. Narrated by Liam Neeson. Trailer     

Evening Admission

Adult (19-54) $13.00  
Youth (12-18) | Senior (55+) $10.00  
Child (5-11) $8.00  
Child (under 5) Free  
Member (see benefit information) 1/2 Price  
Family (includes 5 persons; 2 adults maximum) $38.00


Space Craft Activities!

Saturn-5 Saturdays

Create family-fun memories with space craft activities every 3rd Saturday of the month. Free With Admission  Details

October 17 - Astro Jet Packs
Bring 2-litre pop bottles to make a wearable jet pack costume.



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