Staff Spotlight - Jasmine Coble

December 10, 2019

The Space Centre wouldn’t be what it is today without our amazing staff. We’d like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on a member of our little space family.

How long have you been working here?
2 years!

What is your position at the Space Centre? 
Guest Services and Rentals Supervisor. Previous to that I was the Guest Services Supervisor at the front desk. This is my new position. I communicate with people about renting our spaces, orchestrate, schedule, and staff front of house so that we’re up and running for all our events and rentals. Making sure things go smoothly. 

What’s your favorite thing about space?
It’s very humbling. We are so small and insignificant in the grand spectrum of things so the more we discover about space the more wild it is to just consider existence here on Earth as the only thing we really know. How do you rationalize, what is space!? The other night, when I was here, we saw Jupiter and its four largest moons with telescopes and it was wild. You can see it as a shining light in the sky, but with the telescopes we were able to see the actual markings on Jupiter and the moons around it. It was a wild experience. 

What’s your favorite memory working at the Space Centre?
My favorite memory of the Space Centre is from our May the 4th, Star Wars event. We had all sorts of people in costume attend, but we had also hired people to come dressed up in various characters to interact with the public. At one point someone radioed me to keep my eyes on the elevators and second later, out popped Darth Vader which was pretty important!

What do you recommend people check out at the Space Centre?
Our special events are something we thrive in doing. Our Cosmic Nights are really cool to come and see. We’ll have lectures and have different people kind of come out of the woodworks and speak to what they’re experts in. That’s a pretty exciting thing to come witness and just expand your mind on space related things that are more geared towards adults. It becomes a little sassier here during the evening.