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Special activities running from 11:30am – 4:00pm 

Do you have what it takes to be a Mars colonist or an asteroid geologist? Join us over Spring Break to learn about living on Mars and the future of space exploration. We will have family friendly activities running from 11:30am to 4:00pm, and will be premiering the film Asteroid: Mission Extreme in the Planetarium Star Theatre.

March 19, 20: Food in Space
From freeze dried foil packs to powdered puddings check out the kinds of food astronauts on the International Space Station eat. Let’s Talk Science will be on hand to show how they grow tomatoes from seeds that have been in space and AVA Technologies will be demonstrating their Smart Indoor Garden that could potentially be adapted for growing food on the space station or Mars habitats.

March 21, 27, 28: Robots in Space
Interact with lego robots from Daedalos Academy and learn about how robotic technology will be used to go back to the moon, and even off to Mars!

March 22, 23, 29,30: Your Body in Space
How does being in space affect how we see, taste and smell? What happens to our muscles? The effects of space on our bodies may be the biggest challenge to overcome as we send humans back to the Moon and even further to Mars. Test to see if you have the right stuff to be a future astronaut.

March 24, 25, 26: Engineering in Space
Calling all future Elon Musks! With the increasing number of satellites being sent into orbit we need more engineers to design and deploy them. Come hang out with Engineers and Geoscientists of BC, and local engineering students from UBC and SFU, to see how mini Cubesat satellites work.

March 31 & April 1, 2: Culture in Space
When humans go to space we will be bringing an entire history with us. Individuals may choose to bring their favourite books and music with them, but soon they will need to create their own art. In this activity we’ll be creating space art with views of our home planet Earth, as well as the Moon, and Mars!

No registration required. All Spring Break activities are part of our general admission and are recommended for children ages 7-8 and up.

For more information call 604.738.7827 ext. 240 or email [email protected]


Event Details

March 19, 2018 - 10:00am to April 2, 2018 - 5:00pm