Space Debris Day - Webinar

What is space debris and why is it a potential problem? Join us on “Space Debris Day” for a live Zoom webinar to learn about the science and politics involved in solving this astroenvironmental issue, and why it is important for us to better manage what we leave out in space.

Dr. Aaron Rosengren, of the University of San Diego, and Dr. Brian Weeden, of the Secure World Foundation in Washington, DC, will be joining our Astronomer Rachel Wang and Program Coordinator Michael Unger for a fascinating discussion on space debris. Aaron, Brian, and Rachel will each give short presentations to go along with the discussion. We welcome you to join in on the Zoom webinar to ask your questions and share your ideas for managing this issue.

Tickets are by donation with a recommended value of $10. Capacity is limited, so don’t miss out!


"Space Junk" – Dr. Aaron Rosengren
In 2019, the U.S. government issued updated orbital debris mitigation guidelines, which includes the classes of “graveyard” orbits that can be used for the retirement of satellites. Recent research shows some concerns about the long term stability of these orbits, as well as the 25-year timeframe for end-of-life disposal of low-Earth orbit satellites, a period many now believe to be far too long with the ever-increasing orbital traffic in near-Earth space. I will discuss various approaches to cleaning up or containing space junk.

Aaron J. Rosengren, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University of California San Diego
The New Light Pollution – Rachel Wang
"Space Policy" – Dr. Brian Weeden
While there has been significant progress in raising awareness and understanding the orbital debris problem over the last couple of decades, there has been less progress on implementing policies for orbital debris mitigation, remediation (removal), and space traffic management, which are the three main strategies for dealing with the threat posed to the long-term sustainability of space. I will provide a brief summary of where these initiatives stand, both in the United States and internationally, and what the policy priorities are moving forward.
Dr. Brian Weeden is the Director of Program Planning for Secure World Foundation and has nearly two decades of professional experience in space operations and policy.


Emails will be sent from the Eventbrite platform with a link to access the Zoom live stream 2 hours before, and 10 minutes before the event starts.

Event Details

February 10, 2021 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm