Science of Superheroes: Family Night

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This Leap Day we will be celebrating Superheroes, their superhuman powers, and the planets they come from. Has your child ever wondered about the science behind Superheroes? Could gamma ray exposure give anyone super strength? Could super powers change if our heroes landed on different planets in our solar system? Is any of this really possible? We will explore these questions and more with kid-friendly science during our first family night of the new year. Be sure to come dressed as your favorite superhero!

Enjoy live demonstrations, a show in the Planetarium Star Theatre, make some fun superhero crafts and take a look at the night sky through our telescope (weather permitting).

This event is recommended for children 7 years and older.


Doors Open at 6:30pm

6:45pm, 7:15pm and 9:00pm – Ground Station Canada Theatre “Superhero Science”
We will attempt to answer important questions like could a lasso of truth exist, could you really lift a hammer made of neutron-star matter and how do Superheroes suits protect them? We will also learn about some real superheroes living on the International Space Station. Find out how astronauts protect themselves from the effects of radiation and other extremes of space.

8:00pm to 8:45pm Planetarium Star Theatre – “Could Unique Planets Give You Super Powers?”
How do the home planets of Superheroes influence their super powers? If you were born on Saturn’s moon Titan would the icy surface and dense atmosphere make you a villain or hero? Join our astronomer Rachel and programmer Michael as they investigate some key questions about Superheroes, their powers and the planets they come from.

6:30 to close – Tour the Observatory
Check out our telescope and have a look at the night sky (weather permitting).

Tickets available on Eventbrite until 12:00pm on February 28th, the day before the event.

*Paid parking is available in front of the Space Centre building*

Event Details

February 29, 2020 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm