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Home School Groups With More Than 15 Participants

For home school groups with less than 15 paid participants, please scroll down. The following options work well for groups with varied ages:

Planetarium Shows

Surfing the Solar System
See the Solar System as you’ve never seen it before – leave Earth behind to tour some of the most intriguing destinations in our Solar System and find out more about some of the latest discoveries about our neighbouring planets. You will even have a chance to see Earth from the perspective of astronauts on the International Space Station.
(Best Suited for Grades 1-5) Preferred booking days are Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Universe
Travel from Earth through our Solar System and into the Universe beyond our Milky Way galaxy. Students will be introduced to some of the recent discoveries that expand our understanding of the Universe.
(Best Suited for Grades 6+) Preferred booking days are Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

GroundStation Canada Show

Rocket Lab
What goes up does not necessarily come down. How do rockets get up there in the first place? Students participate in this live demonstration of the basic principles of Newton’s Laws of Motion and its use in rocketry.

Hands On Workshop  

Space Launch Challenge
How do scientists and engineers go from idea to end result? In this workshop, students will apply basic concepts of physics and design to prototype and launch a simple rocket. 

NOTE: Groups of three students will work together and each group is required to supply their own 2-litre plastic pop bottles. Program has an outside component - rain or shine.

Cosmic Courtyard Gallery

Visit our space-themed, hands-on gallery. Students can explore a range of activities like morphing themselves into an alien, touching a Moon rock, trying to lift a meteorite, and building a Mars rover.

Other Show Options

We have a range of options for shows and activities, listed by grade on our school group page

Field Trip Packages

Planetarium Show, GroundStation Canada, Workshop & Cosmic Courtyard Gallery $17.75
- Planetarium show
- GroundStation Canada demonstration
- Workshop
- Cosmic Courtyard Gallery
Allow approximately 3 hours 15 minutes, NOT including lunch break.

Planetarium Show, GroundStation Canada & Cosmic Courtyard Gallery $13.40
- Planetarium show
- GroundStation Canada demonstration
- Cosmic Courtyard Gallery 
Allow approximately 2 hours, NOT including lunch break.

GroundStation Canada, Workshop & Cosmic Courtyard Gallery $10.25
- GroundStation Canada demonstration
- Workshop
- Cosmic Courtyard Gallery
Allow approximately 2 hours, NOT including lunch break.

All costs are per person (children and adults). One adult admitted free with every four children. Additional adults pay the same admission as children. All children 5 years and older are required to pay.

Group Size 
Minimum group size is 15 paid students. For workshops, maximum group size is 32 students. Space is limited in our workshop area, so we may need to limit the number of parents/adults participating.


For Home School Groups With Fewer Than 15 Participants

Join our regular programming. To determine sho schedule and pricing, check our Show Schedule and Hours & Admission Rates.

Daytime Admission
Includes one Planetarium show and unlimited access to shows in GroundStation Canada demonstration theatre, as well as entry to the Cosmic Courtyard. The cost does not include workshops.