Grade 9 Online Program


Astronomer’s Periodic Table (60mins)
Where do elements come from and how are they cycled through the universe? How would astronomers use chemistry to study distant planets and stars? What would Earth’s chemical “fingerprint” look like from another solar system? Students will find answers to these questions and learn about the origins of elements and the periodic table.

Curriculum Connections

Programs are framed around key inquiry questions and provide opportunities for students to apply curricular competencies such as observation and questioning, while developing a more in-depth understanding of key content areas. We are committed to a respectful and holistic approach to Indigenous knowledge by acknowledging the First Peoples’ Principles of Learning.

The electron arrangement of atoms impacts their chemical nature.

Element properties as organized in the periodic table.
Different forms of the periodic table.

Curricular Competencies

Questioning and Predicting
Demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest.
Planning and Conducting
Use knowledge of scientific concepts to draw conclusions that are consistent with evidence.
Evaluate the validity and limitations of a model or analogy in relation to the phenomenon modelled.
Consider the changes in knowledge over time as tools and technologies have developed.
Applying and Innovating
Transfer and apply learning to new situations.

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