Grade 4 Online Program


Connections between the Sun, Moon and Earth (60mins)
The relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth has a big effect on our lives. Students will discover more about the phases of the Moon, tides and seasons, and how local First Peoples observed seasons.

Curriculum Connections

Programs are framed around key inquiry questions and provide opportunities for students to apply curricular competencies such as observation and questioning while developing a more in-depth understanding of key content areas. We are committed to a respectful and holistic approach to Indigenous knowledge by acknowledging the First Peoples Principles of Learning.

The motions of Earth and the moon cause observable patterns that affect living and non-living systems.

Local changes caused by Earth’s axis, rotation and orbit.
Effects of relative positions of the Sun, Moon and Earth including First People’s perspectives.
Phases of the Moon, tides, eclipses.

Curricular Competencies

Questioning and Predicting
Demonstrate curiosity about the natural world.
Planning and Conducting
Make observations about living and non-living things in the local environment.
Processing and Analyzing Data and Information
Compare results with predictions, suggesting possible reasons for findings.
Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of evidence.
Applying and Innovating
Co-operatively design projects.

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