Grade 1 Field Trips

Available Mondays and Tuesdays

Planetarium Show

Our Night Sky
The night sky is full of observable patterns and cycles. Constellations change with the seasons; planets become visible and even the length of the night changes. We will introduce local patterns that occur in the sky; the appearance of the moon and stars at night, seasonal constellations, the Sun, and how they affect living things.

Take a bold step into the future with our range of field trips and education programs. Your students will experience the wonders of space like never before! Depending on grade level, field trips include a hands-on workshop, science demonstration, Planetarium Star Theatre show and time in the Cosmic Courtyard exhibit space. Choose a field trip package for your students below. 

Programming is based on the Ministry of Education's curriculum and supports the core competencies, essential learning and literacy foundations for each grade.