H.R. MacMillan gave an anonymous donation to build a resource centre about Space and astronomy for the people of British Columbia. He would later be revealed as the generous donor and the Space Centre opened its doors on October 26, 1968.
Since that time, our goal has been to inspire sustained interest in the fields of earth science, Space science, and astronomy from a Canadian perspective. 
H.R. MacMillan Space Centre is a registered charitable organization 10681 2183 RR0001. 

Dedicate A Star

Inspire curiosity, celebrate a special occasion, or pay tribute with a dedicated star. This program is a unique opportunity to give a distinctive gift to family, friends, co-workers, or clients. It is a way to commemorate a birth, birthday, wedding, anniversary, memorial or tribute. Stars make great employee incentives, retirement gifts, or other corporate achievements, activities and rewards.

Inspire Your Friends And Family

The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre is a place that facilitates dialogue about human ingenuity in space and science technology, both past and present. 
Astronomy, space sciences and exploration are about human culture, about how we explain our place in the Universe. That is the very core of humanity. The theories, discoveries, and stories cross scientific, cultural, and social divides and provoke thought and discussion about "our place amongst the stars."

Daytime Gift Admission Prices

Take advantage of the ExplorePass, which is valid for one visit to all three (3) Vanier Park attractions at a discounted price. Explore the wonders of the land, sea, and space in one convenient location and at your own leisure. And, you don't have to use the ExplorePass all in one day. 

Current Career Opportunities

Please address all inquiries and applications to Human Resources (electronic submissions only) at [email protected]


Volunteer Opportunities

There are no current postings. Please check again later.
We invite you to check our website regularly and apply for any openings that interest you.

Children's birthday parties at the Space Centre are out of this world! Your birthday package includes a live science show, time in our Cosmic Courtyard exhibit space, and a Planetarium Star Theatre show - complete with a shout out to the birthday child! Your party includes your own private room to create a unique birthday experience.


Launch Your Own Party

• admission to the Space Centre for the day
• a 2-hour private room rental 
• self-guided time for exploration 

Explore the wonders of space like never before. Bring your group of children or seniors, or a social gathering of friends or coworkers, and let the Space Centre handle the rest.

Package Details

Explore the questions of space with a self-guided visit that includes a planetarium star theatre show, science demonstrations, exhibit gallery and time to explore our exhibit space. 

Overnight Adventures

Have you ever wondered what goes on at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre at night? Find out with an exciting overnight excursion where your group will have the Space Centre all to themselves.

Package Details

Look up and let the Space Centre bring the universe to you.

Our astronomy educator staff will present an illustrated talk about astronomy and a guided view of the night sky, and give your group an opportunity to look through one of our portable telescopes (viewing is weather dependent).


$200 for a 2-hour session, plus mileage; travel time & accommodation, if applicable, plus applicable taxes.