Children's birthday parties at the Space Centre are out of this world! Your birthday package includes a live science show, time in our Cosmic Courtyard exhibit space, and a Planetarium Star Theatre show - complete with a shout out to the birthday child! Your party includes your own private room to create a unique birthday experience.


Launch Your Own Party

• admission to the Space Centre for the day
• a 2-hour private room rental 
• self-guided time for exploration 

Explore the wonders of space like never before. Bring your group of children or seniors, or a social gathering of friends or coworkers, and let the Space Centre handle the rest.

Package Details

Explore the questions of space with a self-guided visit that includes a planetarium star theatre show, science demonstrations, exhibit gallery and time to explore our exhibit space. 

Overnight Adventures

Ever wonder what the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre is like at night? Your group will have the Space Centre all to themselves.

Package Details

Overnight guests will explore the Cosmic Courtyard, create their own bottle rockets, view the night sky through our ½ metre telescope (weather permitting), and end the night with a Planetarium presentation. In the morning, a light breakfast will be served, followed by the launching of the bottle rockets. Programming is suited for ages 6-12, but is also popular with our teen guests.

Look up and let the Space Centre bring the universe to you.

Our astronomy educator staff will present an illustrated talk about astronomy and a guided view of the night sky, and give your group an opportunity to look through one of our portable telescopes (viewing is weather dependent).


$200 for a 2-hour session, plus mileage; travel time & accommodation, if applicable, plus applicable taxes.

We Can Bring It!

Immerse your students in the Universe with Polaris our digital portable planetarium. With Polaris you will be able to stand on the Moon and look back at Earth, experience a Martian sunrise, and even see what the Milky Way galaxy looks like.
If you are ready to book, fill out the Starlab Inquiry Form (opens in a new window). The form has all the information we need to start your booking. If you need more details, read below for answers to frequently asked questions.

Virtual Field Trips

Do your students have challenging questions about space science and astronomy? We have the answers! Our staff  are ready to connect with your students and share their passion and knowledge through video Skype. Your virtual field trip will include a short demonstration related to one of the themes below and a Q & A session with our staff. 

Home School Groups With More Than 15 Participants

For home school groups with less than 15 paid participants, please scroll down. The following options work well for groups with varied ages:

Planetarium Shows

Surfing the Solar System

Grade 6 Field Trips

Available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Planetarium Show

Exploring Extremes
Discover how scientists use Earth-based environments as analogues for studying environments on other planets. During this show we will go to one of Earth’s driest deserts, Antarctica’s largest sub-glacial lake, and Pavilion Lake in our own backyard to look at how scientists use technology to study extreme environments.

Grade 5 Field Trips

Available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Planetarium Show

A Rock's Life
Join us for a virtual field trip to explore some of the unique geological features in our own backyard. We travel from Squamish to the Fraser River delta to illustrate what the rock cycle is and why it matters in your life. We will also explore how an understanding of Earth’s geology can take your learning out of this world.

Grade 4 Field Trips

Available Mondays and Tuesdays

Planetarium show

Back to the Moon for Good
The award-winning Google Lunar XPRIZE full dome planetarium show, Back To The Moon For Good, chronicles teams around the world addressing the design challenge of landing a robotic spacecraft on the Moon and sending evidence of the success back to Earth. (Note: this show contains references to Google’s sponsorship of the Lunar X-Prize.)