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Stars - A Visually Stunning Journey Dark: Understanding Dark Matter Dynamic Earth - Exploring Earth's climate engine

Planetarium Star Theatre 

This list is the Space Centre's library of all shows; however, not all will be playing at any given time. Information includes suggested audience age. Show Schedule
Back To The Moon For Good (Age 10+)
This 25-minute digital film that highlights the history of exploring the moon and provides an insider's look at the teams vying for the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE, the largest incentivized prize in history. The film begins with a tour through the history of lunar exploration, tracing back to the 1960s and 1970s. We hear from some of the teams racing to land a robotic spacecraft on the moon and win the Google Lunar XPRIZE. The audience is taken on a successful launch, landing and tour of the lunar surface. The show ends with an enticing visualization of a future settlement on the moon.  
Dark: Understanding Dark Matter (Age 12+)
Dr. Alan Duffy is an Astronomer, and is looking for something that is very hard to find. Imagine trying to search for something that you can't see. You don't know what it looks like, what it's made of, or where it is. But you do know that nearly 80% of the mass of the universe is made of it. At least we've been able to name it. Learn how the mystery of dark matter has changed our understanding of the Universe
Dynamic Earth (Age 10+)
Imagine the Earth is a machine; a system of cogs and motors powered by the Sun. But our world didn't come with an owner's manual. How does it operate? What are the inner workings of this grand and elaborate system known as planet Earth? And, why is it so conducive to life? Explore the winds, the oceans, and the forces of nature that shape Earth's great life support system. Learn what makes our world so dynamic . . . and what ruined our sister planet, Venus. Narrated by Liam Neeson.  
Exploring Extremes (Age 10+)
Discover more about how scientists use Earth-based environments as analogues for studying environments on other planets. During this show we will go to one of Earth’s driest deserts, Antarctica’s largest subglacial lake, and Pavilion Lake in our own backyard to look at how scientists use technology to study extreme environments. 
IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System (Age 10+)
Leave the Earth behind and tour some of the most intriguing destinations in space. IBEX lets you view our planet in a way previously only possible for astronauts. Experience also the rest of the Universe in a way that was not possible, until now. 
Stars (Age 10+)
See stars like you've never seem them before. We will take you on a visually stunning journey through the life of a star, from its birth in a stellar nursery to the majestic pulse of a neutron star. Follow the star dust.
Surfing the Solar System ( Age 8+)
See the Solar System as you’ve never seen it before – leave Earth behind to tour some of the most intriguing destinations in our Solar System and find out more about some of the latest discoveries about our neighbouring planets. You will even have a chance to see Earth from the perspective of astronauts on the International Space Station.
The Searcher (Age 10+)
Join the Searcher on a journey through deep space and encounter beautiful and immersive scientific visuals of colliding galaxies, a supernova explosion, a black hole and more. 
The View from Here (Age 10+)
Leave Earth and discover more about the views from other parts of our Universe.

GroundStation Canada Theatre

This list is the Space Centre's library of all shows; however, not all will be playing at any given time. Information includes suggested audience age. Show Schedule  
Colour of Fire (Age 8+)
We'll try not to set the theatre on fire as we find out how astronomers learn about stars.  
Cosmic Glue (Age 10+)
Hold onto your seats! We'll be discussing Newton's and Einstein's perspectives on gravity and how astronomers use gravity to study the Universe.   
Day in Space (Age 6+)
What exactly do astronauts do up there? Find out what it takes to live and work in space.  

Dizzying Heights (Age 8+)
Which way is up? Find out how astronauts keep their lunch down as they float in space.  

Powering the Future (Age 8+)
Where can we find the power for space exploration?
Planet Hunters (Age 8+)
What would be the most important scientific discovery of all time? Finding life beyond Earth. Discover more about planet-hunting techniques astronomers use and their quest for finding signs of life in the Universe. 
Rocket Lab (Age 8+) 
3 . 2 . 1 . . . This time it is rocket science.  
Science of Light (Age 8+)
Join us live as we travel at one billion km/h – the speed of light.  Watch as we use some of light’s unique properties to travel through space, power our world and blast objects out of the sky. 
Space: A Dangerous Place (Age 6+)
Ever wonder what would happen if you went into space without a space suit? 
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